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Roof and Gutter Repairs

LJB Plumbing and Gas is a reliable plumbing company offering a range of roof and guttering repairs and replacements across the Sunshine Coast.

Guttering Repairs/Replacement

Is your guttering starting to look unattractive? Do you dread bad weather due to your guttering not being up to the job? LJB Plumbing and Gas can get your guttering back to performing the way it should.

The drainage system of your property plays a vital role in carrying rainwater away from your building and preventing water damage. Leaky guttering may seem like a minor issue or something that can be dealt with in the future. However, if the problem isn’t addressed right away, then it can lead to unwanted mould growth, which can have serious effects on the health and wellbeing of you and your family. If your guttering stops working the way it should, then your property can develop structural problems.

If you notice your downpipes are looking rusty, out of alignment, or cracked, then you will need to arrange for them to be repaired or replaced. Downpipes play an important role in helping your guttering to drain away excess water to prevent water damage to your property.

Roof Repairs/Replacement

Is your roof starting to look unattractive? When it rains does your roof start to leak? If this sounds like your roofing problem, then LJB Plumbing and Gas can get your roof back into peak condition. LJB Plumbing and Gas is based on the Sunshine Coast, and so we fully understand the unique climate of the area and the problems that the salt air can cause for your roof.

Signs of water damage often appear further down the roof than the area that is causing the problem. At LJB Plumbing and Gas, our team is experienced in identifying the exact location of the leak so your roof can get back to performing the way it is supposed to.

A leaky roof can be a stressful situation, especially with the unpredictable Sunshine Coast weather which is prone to dramatic changes. We take pride in providing a service that puts customer satisfaction at the heart of what we do.
LJB Plumbing and Gas is on hand 24/7 to handle your guttering and roofing plumbing problems quickly and efficiently with workmanship you can trust. No job is too small or too large. So whether you have a tired, leaking roof that needs repairing or your guttering needs replacing, give us a call.

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